Our Services

Our Services

We specialized in most kind of debt collection throughout Malaysia
  • All Kinds of Dishonored Checks
  • House Rental: recover house or shop rental, landlord and tenant disputes.
  • Project Debt: completion yet unable to recover arrears.
  • Debt Assess: assess the probability of debt collection and assist in solving the problem of bad debtors.


Our Rates

  No commission if we failed to recover your debt.

  It's proven to be CHEAPER & EFFECTIVE than LEGAL RECOVERY!

We offer competitive rates to our customers. Depending on your case, we may charge differently. However, our rates are more affordable than what other agencies may charge you and for years we have been successfully maintaining our high debt recovery rate.


Our Action

After you contact us, we will initiate the debt recovery process ASAP. Our program entails initiating personal contacts with your debtor. The professional intensity and speed of these contacts will achieve the results that we both desire. We have in house legal experts to offer litigation if necessary.

Our program involves thorough background investigation and personal contact with your debtor.  We employ the latest cutting edge technologies and have strong network connections to give you the best possible debts collection service.

We keep you in light of the progress and a member of our debt collection team will send you occasional reports and statements of any important developments as they take place.


Our Field Services (Not all collection progress require this service)

Our formally-attired field services personnel are known for conducting themselves appropriately at your debtors business and residential premises.

They are also trained with an eye for detail while undertaking the site visits to evaluate your debtors' financial standing. However the primary purpose of our field services is to apply the additional pressure to your debtors and to communicate our resolve in collecting the amounts due. The site visits conducted are unannounced. These visits are strategically planned when managing cases involving resistant debtors. Our field services personnel are also experienced in face to face negotiation techniques to secure payments.






  • 各种空头支票
  • 房屋租赁:房子或店铺租金,房东与房客的纠纷。
  • 项目债务:尚未完成,或已完成却无法收回欠款。
  • 负债评估:评估追债的可能性,并协助解决您所面临不良债务人的问题。



  如不能收回您的债务, 无须付佣金。


在不同的情况, 我们收取不同的佣金。然而,我们收取的佣金比其他机构更为实惠并有极高的成功率。



当您与我们联系后,我们将尽快启动债务追偿程序,计划涉及开始与您的债务人联系。我们的团队专业能力和速度将能迅速让您达到滿意的结果。如有必要, 我们内部法律专家也会为我们提供诉讼服务。




现场收帐服务(注: 在于案例进度, 并非所有帐目需此服务)

收帐员正式穿着制服,依着他们拥有的现场服务专业经验, 运用有效而合法的方式, 在不伤合气之下把您的帐目收回。